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Most people spend hours on their sofas and sometimes even sleep on them. If their cleanliness isn’t maintained, then they will become the hot spot for germs and dirt. So, regular cleaning is mandatory especially in homes where sofas are used more frequently.

Couches are the main attraction of your living rooms but this means they need more attention as well. Since they receive a greater share of wear and tear, it’s good to either hire a professional cleaner for cleaning or do the job yourself. Whatever method you select, it will help your upholstery retain its appearance and texture, of course, if cleaning is done by proper methods and with the right cleaning supplies. So, how to choose between professional and DIY upholstery cleaning? We believe that the next facts will help you to make the right choice!


Are you thinking of how to clean upholstery at home? There are various ways to have your furniture cleaned without calling for external help. Such as using baking soda and vinegar solution can remove layers of dirt and stains from your couch. Likewise, kitchen cleaners can also come in handy if you want to remove an old stain from your sofa.

There is one more popular way of DIY upholstery cleaning. This option is to rent a steam cleaner. It helps to get rid of germs and bacteria along with dust and dirt. But you should be very careful with using steamers on your upholstery. Read furniture manufacturer labels and instruction how to use a steam cleaner machine.


It’s not easy to afford new upholstery after every 2-3 years. That is why people opt for professional upholstery cleaning services.

Some Benefits of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

  • It’s a quick and efficient way of getting your furniture refreshed with minimum effort from your side.
  • It costs you much less than buying new furniture.
  • Since technicians use cleaning supplies and hot water, so not only is your sofa cleaned but sanitized as well. This way your upholstery will be free of unwanted germs and micro-organisms.
  • The experts like the USA Clean Master team have years of experience in cleaning upholstery so they can handle your furniture with great care and can make sure that nothing goes wrong.
  • From using high-quality conditioners to environment-friendly cleaners, our company does everything to protect your valuable assets.

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Cons of Professional Upholstery Cleaning

  • Hiring professionals is more expensive in comparison to DIY options.
  • Someone from you family should be at home to let technicians in, show furniture that need to be cleaned and so on.

Even though there are few cons of professional services, but the results are surely worth it.


Having your upholstery cleaned after every few months helps to maintain its appearance and color. Whatever stains, dirt, and odor it may have will be eliminated with thorough professional couch and sofa cleaning. All the germs, bacteria, and microbes are kept at bay. Moreover, it will delay the time when you will need to replace your furniture by keeping the material in good condition.

The following two methods are frequently used by our professionals:

Steam Cleaning for Thorough Upholstery Maintenance

Steam cleaning for the couch and sofa helps maintain the texture of the fabric. Moreover, it requires only water so your upholstery is protected from harmful chemicals. A good steam cleaning session from our team will wash away all the germs and dirt while keeping your family safe. The main advantages of steam cleaning are:

  • It’s environmentally friendly;
  • Removes buildup dirt and residue;
  • Most moisture from the cleaning is removed for faster drying.

Deep Cleaning for Fabric Upholstery

Deep upholstery cleaning is the best solution to enhance the life of your old sofas and couches. Our technicians handle your furniture with great care. Whether you spilled coffee or wine, our professional cleaners can easily get rid of all stains and marks. The use of green cleaning solutions helps to eliminate unwanted odors and germs from every corner of your upholstered furniture.

Special Treatment for Leather Fabric

Leather furniture need to be handled more gently. Thus, USA Clean Master has experienced cleaners who identify the leather type and use appropriate treatment methods to clean your sofas and couches. Along with cleaning, we focus on maintaining the fabric’s moisture balance so the leather doesn’t dry out. We have the right kind of moisturizers and protectors to save your leather upholstery from damage. By hiring our upholstery cleaners, you can just relax while our team thoroughly cleans and refreshes your furniture.